George T. Doub

June 1, 1940 - Dec. 28, 2010


George Doub, MDiv, LMFT: Collaborating with Virginia Morgan Scott, he conceived the concept of Family Wellness in 1981. As a co-founder he provided the primary influence that has enabled Family Wellness Associates to achieve its current position. As well as maintaining a private practice, he was a trainer and consultant for Government, Industry and Labor. As a therapist he specialized in family, marital, and youth counseling with an emphasis on violence in families. George held lifetime California State Community College Teaching and Counseling Credentials and had consulted for the School of Social Work, San Jose State University, where he helped develop a RAZALOGIA curriculum for cultural counseling. George is survived by his wife Emily, his daughter Yolanda and his son Stephen.

I was so sad to hear of the loss of George to his family, friends, colleagues at Family Wellness Associates, and those of us who had the opportunity to work along side of him, or be trained by him. He contributed so much to numerous professional organizations and families all around the world, during his years of service. As a man of vision, integrity, and faith his legacy is un-measurable. His understanding of family dynamics, his capacity to design family interventions, and his ability to train others in the delivery of theoretically-driven and research-based services will be greatly missed......Trisia Keith, Ph.D.
I wonder if George Daub is enhancing family wellness in heaven yet. Perhaps he can assist the rest of us here. He was probably my favorite "competitor," although I never actually felt in competition with him, always along side of him.....Mary Ortwein
We knew George well because we did several FW trainings here in STL. It is my favorite curriculum. I still hear from Ana Morante and had just asked how George was doing. Lots of significant loses during 2010, Nisa’s two sons and Don Browning.
Bridget Brennan, St Louis, MO

NACFLM was able to get George to address our organization when we met at the Denver Smart Marriages Conference. He couldn't have been more gracious, kind and helpful. I spoke with him a few times during the Smart Marriages days that followed our meeting and then again the following year. He remembered me and when we spoke it was as if no one else was in the room. He conveyed a peacefulness - what Ed Friedman would call a non-anxious presence. It is a great loss but a greater blessing to have known him and benefited from his work......Steve Beirne

Oh my, it’s always too soon. Makes it incumbent on the rest of us to shoulder the load. Our respects and cares to his family.....Dick and Barb Ivey

George was one of the most gracious and gentle men I’ve ever spent time with. We first met in the mid 90s at a training for Army Family Life Chaplains in Burlingame CA. I trained them in Building Family Strengths and stayed around to watch George do his Family Wellness magic. He was one of the best and his wisdom was available to all because he was a believer in giving it away. He was a master on his feet and didn’t need a less on plan or notes to create a memorable encounter. He will be missed.....Bill Coffin

George Doub. He was a gentleman of the first class and sincerely desired to educate as many people as possible with Family Wellness skills because he had a genuine desire to see the world fare better. He shared his knowledge without reservation. We have such fond memories of George in Nevada several years ago when he trained a group of us, future instructors of the Better Together Relationship Course. His sense of humor, his patience, his knowledge and his kindness are all something we truly treasure.

Thereafter, whenever we would see him at smart Marriage conferences or whenever we would call him on the phone, he was available, accessible and always acknowledged our connection to each other and to the mission. His generous nature and his profound appreciation for the basic goodness in humanity is indeed rare. Certainly we will carry a part of George always in our hearts. May the Merciful Lord give you strength. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family.......Krsnanandini Devi Dasi & Tariq Saleem Ziyad

"George was like a bright light, beaming everywhere I would run into him. I first met him at an AMFT conference around 1994 at a workshop he and Virginia led. I thought this is GREAT. Then I took his coaches training down in Orlando FL the following year, I think. I would see him again at the AMFT conferences or our Chaplain Family Life conferences and it was always like running into an old dear friend. That is how George made me feel. I am sure he did that with everyone." .....Bud Onstad

"I was terribly saddend and teary much of the afternoon. I tear up thinking about it even as I type.....George was an awesome friend and mentor to me. I am much today because of Diane, George, and Lori Gordon. I owe them much.....George died doing what his life was about: serving others. He truly exemplified the heart and spirit of Christ - a servant." .....Richard Marks

It is with sadness that I over the weekend I learnt of the death of George Doub in December, 2010.

George, Erin and Mike attended the Marenc Conference (Marriage &
Relationship Educators Conference) in Sydney where I was part of the organizing Committee in early 2000 here in Australia. I have been catching up with delegates of that Conference and members of the Committee of Catholic Society for Marriage Education who were the co-conveners of that Conference over the weekend. George presented a week of wellness training prior to that Conference as well as guest speaker and workshops at the Conference.

George was such a wise, personable and skilled educator who touched the lives of so many as you all well know, I am still coming to terms with the shock of his death (particularly under the sad circumstances). Please pass on my sincere thoughts and best wishes to his family (wife, son and eldest daughter) and all his colleagues, who I know would still be feeling such a terrible loss as a friend, colleague and mentor.

Yours truly, keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Robyn Donnelly
Executive Board Member
Catholic Society for Marriage Education (CSME)

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